Saturday, January 7, 2012

"My Girls"

Remember these guys?
Over about an 8 month period, I was blessed with the chance to be assigned 24-7 newborn duty with two very special baby girls...Above is a picture from May 2011.

...and here they are today! The baby's getting bigger than her "babysitter!"

The older of the two - August, 2011
...and today!

Almost 17 months, and finally taking steps!! :) :) :)

.....andddddd throwing temper tantrums! haaa

Newborn #2, May 2011
May, 2011

January 2012! Turning into a chunk, and obviously loving that seat.

Another pic from last May:

Jan 2012

Just like the good ol' days

Not much better than arms full with these two!

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