Monday, January 31, 2011

Neighborhood Watch

You know those Neighborhood Watch signs that communities will post? Like this one?'s the Bolivian version.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Last weekend we waited at the airport for a sneaky visitor...

Tio Mateo's back!! (Okay, this picture is crazy fake. The surprise for Mauge had definitely already been ruined. But it's a nice idea of what it would have looked like if no one had actually known he was coming.)

Hair so blonde, the kids need to put on sunglasses?

We've been having a lot of fun catching up with Mateo and hanging out with friends here. On his first afternoon, we came home to the Baby Home where babies were sleeping, but 4 of my sweet friends were cooking up a storm for a special lunch...hello chicken kabobs. Amazing.

Roxana stands next to me in I think every single picture we have together, because she can't let a picture be taken without poking me in the ribs. :)

 Tia Consuelo's sweet granddaughter is living with her for a little while now, and I always love getting to see her. They paid us a special little visit last weekend...

...because maybe last weekend, I thought I was being sent downstairs one night to have a meeting with our director and office staff...I was trying to think of everything that the meeting could be about...but it turns out that the girls in the picture below were just up to no good...I walked in to a surprise birthday celebration with all of our volunteers, our adminstrative staff, tias, and school friends. They pulled a big one on me! 

Some of the masterminds

I am blessed.

We're Growing!

The number of babies we have isn't the only thing that's been growing at the Baby Home recently... has her hair! :)

Her fake triplet brother is quite the opposite in the hair department!

Annnd just because she's adorable, here's fake triplet #3!

Here they are!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baby Home Buddies

Hard to believe that these guys are some of our OLDEST at the Baby Home these days! Four to a rocking chair...the game that never gets old.

This big girl's about to start Pre-K!

She's still not walking...but she sure is cute! Little Miss here has developed quite the personality!

Super Man will start Pre-k in February, too!

Playroom games - too much fun.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sweet Goodbyes

As wonderfully happy as adoptions are, when it comes time to part ways for a good long time, I still always get sad to hug our kids goodbye. This precious girl has been adopted by a family who loves her so much - they live in Holland and will be leaving Cochabamba tomorrow. We will miss them and think about them often! 

New Faces!

Over the past month, the Baby House has taken in two new little ones! The oldest of the two is a little boy about 20 months old who was recently taken away from his life on the streets. He is still adjusting to the structure of the home, (and to his 16 new housemates, all under the age of 4!), but I love his little grin!

...and for anyone who knows Brayon, this new guy eats just about like Brayon does! (ie, everything he can get his hands on!)

Our second new arrival is almost 2 months old now - a sweet baby girl!