Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday

It's not Thanksgiving until you turn your hand into a Pavo!

"I'm thankful for..."

"for my friends, something else (anyone get that?) and my moto"

"for toys"

"for my friends and food"

"for tias, toys, and my brother & sister"

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a glimpse of what I'm thankful for:

OUR NINOS! (obvi!)


Family here...

...and family there!

"Que gobierne en sus corazones la paz de Cristo, a la cual fueron llamados en un solo cuerpo.
Y sean agradecibles."
-Colosenses 3:15

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Uyuni Saltflats

This weekend I got to travel with some friends from language school to the Uyuni Saltflats...what an incredible treat! From volcanoes, to flamingos, and lots and lots of salt...we saw it all. Not a ton of sleep, but a whole bunch of hilarious, unforgettable good times.

Our field trip group!

Lago Colorada - Red Lake - pretty amazing


Saltflats with Matteo, Lauren, and Mauge

Hot springs - did not want to leave! :)


Two of my best buds here

Mi madre Boliviana...MAUGE!

Seriously don't know what I'd do without her...
Mauge's the director of our language school, one of my teachers, nurse, role model, and friend here in Coch. I cannot say how thankful I am for the way she takes care of me outside of school. Absolutely LOVE her.

After a weekend that surpassed all expectations, I was glad to walk in the gates of the Baby Home today and get to hug our tias and ninos!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another Fiesta de la Piscina!

Casa 2 is located on some gorgeous property out in the country - the house is beautiful, and there's actually a pretty big pool! The pool almost never has water in it, but last week for whatever reason, the pool was filled up about a fourth of the of course, we needed to have a pool party! One group of tias decided that on Monday we would take alllll of the babies from Casa 1 to join Casa 2 for a little fun in the sun. Wild much fun!
The first issue we had to tackle was just 2 trips, we drove the tias, Katrina & Caris, our physical therapist, our cook, a ridiculous amount of lunch food, (including 2 huge crates of eggs,) and 22 babies, in our little auto. :) I thought I'd driven packed cars before, but this was just ridiculous! I've never seen so many babies all over a car...!
We had a really fun time playing outside all morning with all of the kiddos. Our sweet cook, Silvia, worked all morning to make us a huge lunch to eat as a picnic outside. After lunch, we alllllll went swimming - none of us with actual swimsuits, but we all had such a good time. 22 babies + a handful of older kids in one pool = a little craziness but a lot of fun.

Playing Outside

Picnic Time

Bananas for everybody! wahoo!

This is 1/2 of our older set of twins - they will be 2 in a week or so and are starting to learn more and more words now...although most of the time, we just hear "hoooola!" from them. :)


Pool Party!

One of biggest blessings to me in Bolivia...Tia Rosi!

A little naptime outdoors today!

Big fan of pool parties right here:

The tias are so great - I don't think just anyone would have taken on such a project like this, but it was really good to mix up the routine and get the kids out - what a fun day!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mt. Tunari

This weekend a group of us climbed Mt. Tunari. At 16,500 ft, it wasn't the easiest day of hiking but definitely was one of the most fun.

the drive

Katy, Lauren, and I on the way

The perfect off-road vehicle...a trufi van...that we pushed halfway up a mountain!

chocolate covered everything provided all the energy we needed along the way.

View from the peak

Made it!

There was an electric storm at the peak - I've never seen anything like it - you could hear the electricity, our hair stood up straight, we got shocked everytime we came near someone else, and whenever we moved, (pointing a finger for example,) the motions made noise. We didn't stay at the top for too long, since our heads kept on getting shocked!

Picture taken as we shocked each other...

Then it started snowing!

What better way to end the day than to jump into the freezing cold lake on top of the mountain?

the fastest we moved all day: