Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Twins are Three!


Ohhhh yes...double trouble here just turned 3!

To celebrate, I think we had the most awesome birthday party at Casa de Amor ever! At the baby home, we have a set of triplets living with us. There is a family in Cochabamba who has become the godfamily of the three, donating so many supplies to the baby home, securing a place for them to live with their mother later on next year, and donating scholarship money for their future education. It is really mindblowing how generous this family has been, but their generosity doesn't end with the triplets. The family owns a BEAUTIFUL resort outside of the city, and they invited us to celebrate the twins' birthday party there. We're talking incredible pool, (with a slide...schhhwiiiiing!), soccer fields, and more food than we could have imagined. All of our kids from both House 1 and House 2 plus just about all of our staff joined the party, and we definitely might have had more fun than the kids.

Hello waterslide!

The party scene.

The older kids at House 2 all have swimsuits. All the babies at House 1 have....underwear.
And believe it or not, the bathing beauty on the right does have on her underwear!

Imagine trying to get the kids OUT of the pool after this!
Noodles :)

The Cumpleaneros!
Cake time

Bolivia's big birthday tradition..."biting the cake" - aka getting your face smashed into your cake by somebody else. He didn't seem to mind, believe it or not.

She, on the other hand, wasn't sold.

...and thanks to some red-letter icing on the cake....a birthday masacre?

This gal was a pretty big fan of the desserts today, too. In fact, if anyone has a picture of this baby NOT stuffing her face or double-fisting doughnuts, let me know.


I stayed clear of the pinatas, because what was inside? Maybe my least favorite substance in the entire world...glitter.

...lots of glitter.


My baby..."Merry Christmas" :)

Soaking up every minute!

And just for kicks, remember those smiling pictures right at the beginning of this post? Let's just say we made great strides since the twin's 2-year-old birthday celebration last year.
HA - pumpinnnnnnn!

Well...the terrible two's are behind us. Three has to be better for these two, right?????


Monday, November 29, 2010

Not Mine

 The other day Tia Consuelo was putting away laundry. When she had a pair of one of the 2-year-old boys' underwear in her hands, Belinda (3 y.o.), very urgently asked her, "WHY are you putting away TIA SAVANITA'S UNDERWEAR?!??"
Always got my back, that Belinda.

I'm pretty sure that these actually are not mine.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Big Al in Bolivia

She's been here in full force..taking advantage of all that South America has to offer. :)

Alison was here on a SURPRISE week-long visit over Thanksgiving. We packed a lot into that one week - good times, good times, good times.

Some highlights of the week would include going back to visit a favorite spot in Sucre!

We also definitely got the holidays kicked off right - bring on Christmas!

We did a lot of baking, (with our good friend, CHRISTMAS MUSIC,)

We also decorated the house for Christmas!
In the process of finding the Christmas decorations, we also found a real treasure in the storage closet...a mountain full of donated maxi pads. WOOO!! (Still have not figured out who donated them to the baby home?)

So obviously, we needed to dive on into those.

We also stuffed stockings that our parents and Center Hill friends all donated for the kiddos this year. There was SO MUCH fun stuff to put inside each baby's stocking! Books, stickers, hair bows, nerf balls, candy...I want to go ahead and give them to everybody! Jumping the gun a little?

Alison got lots of hangout time with our favorite triplets, and their hilarious mama, too! 

Triplet #2 is Alison's namesake! And, what do you know, as a baby, Alison had a lazy eye, too. Here she is reliving the glory days with Baby Alison, (who is NOT acting.) hahah

Not to worry - we're patching Baby Alison. So both Alisons got to be pirates for the week together, too.

The Alisons

Thanks to everyone who helped pull off the best surprise ever! It was a great week - we even converted Alison to a UVA fan. Or maybe her luggage didn't come until the night before she left again!
Miss you already!

...and lots of other people do, too. :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving was celebrated here in Bolivia today with lots of people I love!
The gringos of Casa de Amor (and the 3-year-old tag-along shown here,) celebrated with a big ol Thanksgiving lunch together. We then spent most of the rest of the day with about 35 midget-sized blessings in my life!

We can't have a Thanksgiving without making turkeys out of handprints!

Blue turkeys are my favorite, too.

 Spreading the love of Thanksgiving food - pumpkin cookies all around.

This evening, Alison and I got to skype with our family at home. I am very, very thankful for how easy it is to be able to talk with and see their faces from Tennessee. It was especially wonderful having Al here today. Tonight Alison and one of my good friends Lauren, visiting from Santa Cruz, went to the movies to end the day.

Just a glimpse of what I'm thankful for here:

"Estén siempre gozosos, oren sin cesar, den gracias a Dios en toda situación, porque esta es su voluntad para ustedes en Cristo."
 1 Tesalonicenses 5:16-18