Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dress up!

Everyone's favorite rainy-day activity! (Or at least mine. I just couldn't get out the Candyland box for the 6000th time.) During rainy season, we had the 14House 2 kiddos inside a lot more than usual, so on this particular day we needed a little change of pace!

Your knight in shining armor, right here.

Snow White

A bug? A frog?

Clowning around

I got to participate, too. After putting on this lovely nightgown and cap, I was called Papa Noel (Santa,) for the rest of the afternoon. These kids know how to butter us up. So flattering.

cracking herself up a little bit

And last but not it a big denim shirt for this little boy to run around in? No - just a nice dress to practice his twirling. And he was loving it. With all the pictures we have of my brother in headbands and tutus when he was little, I think this guy will probably still turn out ok. :)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Bread Baking

Every other week we bake bread for the week at the Baby Home. And every once in a while, we put on our Cloth Diaper Baking Hats to help get the job done. :)
Tia Consuelo - more commonly known as Tia "Claaaaazy" (Tia Crazy!)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hitting the Runways...

...or just the church parking lot. :)

You wish you had this much class.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Looking Studious

Look what I found...probably the last person I would want playing with my glasses! :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from Casa de Amor!

Kicking off the weekend with a little Easter egg dying madness:

So much excitement:

 We also managed to dye most of the house:


Thanks to my sweet grandmother, we pulled out the Easter clothes again this year...lookin good, kiddos!

Siblings giving us the Miss America wave

Our wild twins!


Our oldest girl at the Baby Home

Loving these Easter baskets 

You can baaaarely see it, but in Cochabamba, there's a little cross on the top of this little hill.

You pass the hill with the cross as you are driving up the mountain to this:
 "El Cristo" - visible from almost anywhere in Cochabamba, and a pretty beautiful daily reminder of just how big and beautiful Jesus is.

Yesterday was an eventful day at the Baby Home, as we also had to say goodbye to three of our most precious girlies. Here's a picture of the famous trio from Easter morning last year:

...and here our our triplets today! 
 So bittersweet to say goodbye to these three, as it seems like they have been here forever! They have happily headed home with their birth mother, after a year of preparation. We will miss their incredibly loud squeals as they pull each other's hair and/or just want somebody to look their way! :)

Nicole waving "Chau!"

Alison La Pirata

& Nataly

Already missed!

and now for the Easter Egg Hunt!
Let the games begin...

Mom mailed alllll sorts of goodies to hide around the yard - THANK YOU!

Instead of hunting for eggs, hunt for the baskets of the babies who are smaller than you.

Egg Hunt Champion!!!??!?!?? Haaaa - Tia Consuelo

The real champion of the egg hunt...her basket was so full she couldn't lift it up! Maaaaybe she won thanks to a tia who literally dragged her around the yard throwing everything into her one basket. I think her face shows that clearly she was more confused, (or perhaps in shock?) than excited.

Ineligibile to hunt due to inability to walk. (Or crawl!)

The best part of the hunt...eating everything! Nom nom nom.

Just some quick shots of the orphan children smoking things.
Ha...orrrrr just inhaling pixie stix!
I wish I could have captured the faces this child made after every taste of pixie was obviously really sour, but she screamed for more!


King of the Gummi Bears

Chocolate is her crack.

We had a wonderfully happy day together and hope you did, too!

"He is not here; He is risen, as he has said!"
Happy, happy Easter!