Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Look who's baaaack!

Victoria's back at home with us! She was released yesterday from the NICU, and we sure are glad about that. It was no fun only seeing 2 babies in our triplets' crib!

Her sisters could barely contain their excitement when they were all 3 reunited. :) Just too much.

Unfortunately, we don't have conclusive test results or a proper diagnosis for all that happened with our baby. She looks great now and is eating well. She did get discharged with an  IV medication regimen, which is keeping us busy for sure.

Not just your average lamp! :)
We're continuing to keep a good eye on our #2 triplet and are SO happy that she's turned herself around.

3 in the crib again...THAT'S what I like to see!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Better Day

Got to spend some time with Victoria in the NICU tonight - she is thankfully doing MUCH better than she was yesterday - bacterial infection is our best guess at this point, as we're still awaiting test results. The nurses told me that they are talking about possibly taking her off of the ventilator tomorrow as she seems to be breathing well on her own. One doctor suggested that she may be hospitalized for another week. It's not any fun to see our baby in the NICU, but we are very glad to report better news today. Can't thank y'all enough for prayers.

Pray for Victoria

Hi y'all, Victoria, our 2nd triplet as well as the smallest, was admitted to the NICU this afternoon in an emergency situation. We're thankful that she has been deemed stable but is ventilated - tests are being run, but I don't have many details. If possible, we would ask for your prayers for Victoria and for the continual health of her sisters, Valentina and Nataly, who are not showing signs of infection. Thank you!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Here at the Baby Home, our kiddos know that accessorizing is a must! :)
(found an outfit in the deposito that matched my bday gift from Rachel, I let the baby borrow my wallet for the day.)

rockin' shades

oversized bags are the trend these days


matching headbands...thanks to my sweet hairdresser at home in Nashville who donated goodies to our girlies!

and the girls aren't above sharing the same accessories with each other...everything gets passed around!

And we can't forget our boys...they know style when they see it, too. Obviously.
(Yes, that's a boy.)

A more common accessory seen on our boys might be in the form of some sort of food-goatee!

And as for me...accessorizing might not be a priority at the moment, but I'm never seen out of the house without a handful of they count? :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Keeping Me Company

Living at Casa de Amor, at any given point in the day, I never know who I'm going to find at my doorstep!

For example...

...or this...
(That's not a bloody lip...he just thought it was a good idea to chew on a red marker.)

...or this...

...or this!

Which is why our room usually looks something like this...

...and why my paperwork usually isn't the neatest!
I can't complain, though. These guys make sure that there's no way that I could ever. possibly. even think about being lonely here! Thanks for the company, amigos.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

School Girls

This week, our kindergartener starts having homework! She's doing so well in school so far - making friends and behaving herself. I couldn't be more proud.

Coloring ice cream kind of homework. :)

This week was Father's Day here in Bolivia, and she also had a program at her school. She had a lot of fun dressing up and dancing for everybody with her class, and she looked pretty cute, too!

With her teacher

This is her best friend at school...the little boy who looks like he's 3. The first thing he said to me when I met him back in February was, "She hit me." Best friends forever.

Some of her class...quite the dancers!

After the performance, we went to her classroom, because there was a lunch for the fathers. I wouldn't say that I just blended into the crowd, but we had a good time. I love spending time with this girl!

We had another little girl at school this week...someone got to come to my language school with me!

Our 6 month old has been the baby of the house since September...just don't want her getting too jealous of the triplets! We had some quality hang out time at school...everyone falls in love with this baby when they meet her...she is SO happy! She is almost always either smiling or sleeping...couldn't ask for a better baby than that, huh? Triplets, take notes.

Roxana, one of my student teachers and good friends here, is baby-crazy!

We have a random crib in the school, and I've always thought that that was funny...this week I actually used it! ha!

These cuties wanted to visit my school this week, too. They know that "Tia Angelica" is my teacher. I had to drop something off last night, so we had a little visit and then grabbed dinner.

Sidenote - big month for this baby- starting real food, rolled over, and is getting the hang of sitting up! (She MIGHT be too fat to do that well right now...!)

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Trips

It's official...these have got to be the 3 most-photographed babies of all time!

We're not sure if any of the 3 are identical, but my guess it that #1 and #3 are going to look more alike.

deodorant check! while i'm in bolivia, can one of page's sisters get on that, por favor?



(names are still unofficial...just assigned by the hospital for now.)

Elena sets up for some neat photos of the trips:

Sweet Dreams!

Friday, March 19, 2010

A post not about triplets!

Guess who's back in the nurse's office today??
Just kidding...but you might remember this 2 year old from a rough patch that I wrote about with him earlier last month   :

Wellllll, someone threw a fit when a tia was giving him a bath. He fell and cut himself across the eyebrow. I got to take stitches out today, and knowing this wild child, I wasn't super excited. But kit-kats are good medicine! After I took out the first one, he held it and I told him we had some more, and to which he excitedly replied "SIIIIIIIII!" Best attitude ever. My lucky day!

Oh, and if anyone was concerned, Elmo got some kit-kat, too.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Good work, Anne Geddes Elena!