Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Halloween typically isn't celebrated here in Bolivia, but Elena & I decided we missed costumes and the older kids became our excuse to eat a lot of extra sugar this weekend! :)

We took our older bunch from House 1 over to play with House 2. First, we dressed everyone up in whatever costumes we could find around the house, which was pretty awesome. We couldn't exactly send the kids door-to-door trick-or-treating, considering that not a single one of our neighbors would have a clue how to react if a child dressed in a tye-dye cape showed up at the door asking for candy. So, this is where Halloween got interesting. We got a little creative combining Easter Egg Hunts and Trick-or-Treating, which lead to just a big ol candy hunt outside. Fun.

Crazy clowns!
These two are quite the pair - both are just about the same age and live at the Baby Home. Both also had a hard time keeping their noses on.  

Our littlest bunch got a head start on the hunt.

Part of the older troupe

...and they're off!

This 3-year-old princess was a little bit confused by the whole event. We were, too.

Rackin' up

Apparently the Village People were here, too.

The bug finally wanted to play, too!!! Haaa - is he not precious?

"We have a pirate on the team??"

A soccer-player/ballerina?

Finding the good spots

Too high!

The best part of the day?

Pirates and Princesses finding every last piece

Speaking of pirates...
Maybe my favorite picture of all time?
This is our little lazy-eye triplet...who gets to wear an eye obviously that called for a little fun to be had. Shout out to Page Otey for so generously donating her parrot beanie baby for our little matey. Great accent to her diaper-dorag.

But our Pirata isn't the only baby who wanted to participate in the costume contest...
With hair like this, an Elvis Presley costume was calling her name.

Singing some of her greatest hits.


Friday, October 29, 2010

Saturday at the Park

 Last weekend we had a day at the park for our oldest groups from Houses 1 and 2. The kids always enjoy getting to see each other from the different houses. We went to the Parque Mariscal, and there is so much to see!

 So many fish!

These swings are awesome - like a taste of Opryland right here in Cochabamba. Ha!

We ended the afternoon with pizza. Somebody seemed pretty happy about that.

Our fun little group

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Merry Christmas?

Our babies are growing fast! "Newborn #3" (who is now almost 2 months! She spent her first couple of days with a group of nuns, who named her, Nativity...and her first name was the equivalent of Mary...when I told my family about Mary Natividad, she quickly became known as Merry Christmas.
So here's Merry Christmas!

2 year old twin boys as babysitters? I may not have the highest standards... :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Birthday Girls!

"Group Picture Day" turned into a birthday party for two of our Casa 2 princesses - it's always a party when both houses get together!

Princess #1 turned 4 years old.

And Princess #2 turned 3!
Cake time!

 When asked what kind of cake she wanted, the 3 year old excitedly exclaimed, "COW!"

The crowd.

 Bolivian Birthday Tradition...face in the cake!


Rough life, triplet.

With a smile like that, you know she's near a plate of cake!

We had some other cake fans out there, too...

Always the gentleman.

I didn't realize I had put them both in the same shirt until the group picture, where they're standing right next to each other! These are the oldest boys at the Baby Home.

Just looking cute

Twins feeding each other jello

I got dressed up for the party, too!
 ...and I looked good from both ends!


 The birthday decorations stored high enough to keep little hands away... make me think of the movie UP!

 Party Planners - what would I do without this one?!

 The birthday girl's big sister

With our birthday babies
We love you girls!