Thursday, June 24, 2010

Last morning in Cochabamba for a while...

I love this town.

Gooood morning, baby room!
Waking up smiling
Morning, twins!
These two are going back to live with their mom soon - not sure if they'll still be in the home when I get back!

Morning bottles
Goooood morning, Grandes!

Hanging out in the kitchen

Can you understand what he's saying? "Go Titans!" Obviously.

I was fortunate to have sooo much help packing!
Wish I could have stuffed each one of them into my suitcases!

Last ice cream run with the sisters

Flying out of Coch

Flew right over our house! (To the left of the picture, halfway can barely see the red car outside!)

Chau for now!

Nos vemos en SEPTIEMBRE!
Let the countdown begin.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pajama Party with my 3

I knoooow I shouldn't play favorites, buttttttttttttttt if I could, I would have taken these 3 in my suitcase in a hearbeat! These 3 precious kiddos are siblings aged 5, 4, and 2 1/2 and I couldn't possibly love them any more than I do! We had a fun last night out at Mauge's to spend some time together before my trip - who doesn't love a good pajama party? :)

The baby of the family - (and she knows how to play that up!)

Playing before bedtime

Snacks and watching Cinderella


Good morning! Little bit of bedhead going on!

Breakfast time...thanks Tia Mwafhay! Bagels, hot chocolate, and the new favorite...Trix!

I already miss allllll my little guys at Casa de Amor...can't wait to hug everybody in September!

Partying with the Tias

Every night at the Baby Home, 2 tias are on night shift, sleeping upstairs with the children. After the kids go to bed, a lot of nights the night shift will play games or just hang out in the kitchen - times that I absolutely love! The tias have been some of my very best friends here in Cochabamba and are just like family to me. So, on Saturday, Tia Adelaida, who was on night shift that night, told me to be home, because she, Tia Techy, and I were going to play cards. So, Saturday night rolls around, and I'm doing dishes. Tia Adelaida comes in. "You're still going to play tonight, right?"
Me: "Yessss..." (like almost every night.)
Adelaida: "You wearing that?" This may come as a surprise to most people, but I was wearing running shorts and a every single day of my life.
Me: ??? "Yessss...?"
Adelaida and Techy: "No you're not. You need to go take a shower."

So I obeyed. You don't mess with Tia Adelaida. :)

Then, when I was up in the triplets' room, Adelaida reappears and asks me to stay in the triplets' room while she sets up a game. Sir yes sir. A little bit later, I could come downstairs, and when I went into the dining room, all of the tias were there with their families for a little going-away celebration. I was very surprised - since the tias work 24 hour shifts, (24 hours on, 24 off...all year long,) it is definitely rare for all 9 of us to be together...but when we are, it is so, so much fun! So, so thankful to them for not only a very special night but for all of their patience, teaching, and friendship this year. Can't imagine being here without them.

the FEAST that the tias had prepared with my fave Bolivian foods. Yacua? YES PLEASE.

Tia Consuelo = Tia "Cur-aaaaaaay-seeeee" (Crazy.)

 They prepared a dance that celebrated the culture of Bolivia

...lovin that Coca!

Game time...Techy & I = complete taradas.

House favorite...the dress-up relay. Still have not mastered tying babies to my back.

Going to miss these girls just as much as the kids.

Baby Home Tias
Techy, Sarin, Roxana, Adelaida, Lucy, Consuelo, Luz, and Rosi
Love you, Tias!

Baby of the Year :)

This baby girl was the first new arrival on maybe my 3rd day upon arriving at Casa de Amor. Watching her grow has marked my time in Bolivia. It has been so neat to see her transform from a tiny newborn into the smiliest 9-month old chunk you can imagine! :)

1st week - she came to us at 5 days old

9 months later :)


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

4 Months!

Trips' Nursery

Last night shift with the triplets - something I can't say I'm going to miss terribly over the summer! :)
Won't miss night shifts, but will definitely miss these 3 girlies!

HA - looking a little tribal.
Playing with the dress-up clothes that Melissa brought -

Triplet #1

Triplet #2

Triplet #3


Still growing fast! Turned 4 months old the day before I left for home. Not sure if these three will still be in the home when I get back or if they will have gone with their mother, but the next time I see them, I'm sure they'll have changed a LOT!

Jello Salesmen

Playtime before bed...after a Sunday in which our church sold jello for a fundraiser, these guys had a lot of fun pretending to be jello salesmen upstairs! Always make me laugh.

They definitely weren't cutting me a deal tonight!

In Bolivia, it's not a party unless there's Jello. That's a fact.

Growing up on us!

Ohhh this little love of my life! He has changed so much just since I got here in September! He is a goofy 2 1/2 year old who's overcome quite a few challenges already. He has Cerebral Palsy, so after months and months of hard work, he has finally learned how to walk! I never get tired of seeing him waddle around these days. When he's not walking all over the place, he's throwing things (strongest arm in the house quite possibly!) or doing foreward rolls like it's his job...ha!

We recently went out for hearing aid check's and ice cream - he's too sweet.

Missing him already! (Missing EVERYBODY already!)