Sunday, April 25, 2010

April Favorites

I've been slacking on the posts - computer died - woooo!

Just a few favorite pics from last month!
The walk to House 2

Movie time

Evening church service with the big kids
...and ice cream afterwards!

Gangsta Barney on Dia del Nino. He maaay have had music blaring that was slightly inappropriate for all children...?

Plenty of doctors' visits this month :/


Brushing up on her english-spanish translations

some FAVORITE staff - Adelaida, Elena, & Techy - weekend camping trip

Monday, April 19, 2010

Field Day Fun

This week was field day at our kindergartener's school...actually, Field Day is apparently a 2-day event at her school. Awesome - Field Day was always my favorite day of school. So, she had a lot of fun - there was a big parade with all of the kids and then lots of games, of course. What I was not aware of is that almost every game was a relay where the students played with their parents...thus, I got to participate a lot more than I had anticipated! A highlight might have been being dressed up like a baby and then being fed jello by a 5 year old. Anyway, it was fun to see all of the kids having such a good time.

Dancing around
This teacher's class always cracks me multiple school events now, her class has been dressed in slightly more mature costumes. Also, the teacher tends to dress on the sketch side on a general basis. HA.
Might not have chosen the best seats...right underneath the water balloons!
Classroom buddies


Michael Jackson Bday

So this week was CRAZY busy/fun with field days, Dia del Nino, anddddd on a night off of work...a birthday party for Mateo...with his favorite theme, Michael Jackson of course.

Scariest. MJ. Ever.

His special cake.

My very special teachers.

Busting that pinata...filled with jello actually.

Love these guys. Lauren came in from Santa Cruz...what a surprise

Getting ready...Ke$ha, anyone?

There might have been a little dance party that night, too...

Feliz Dia del Nino!

Happy Kids' Day!
All  of our kids from House 1, House 2, and House 3 celebrating at a day out at the park. I think it might be the first time ever when a group photo was attempted and not a single one of our kids cried!
 A miracle. For sure.

So, Dia del Nino, (Kids' Day,) was last week and is a pretty big deal here in Bolivia. It's a day with all sorts of fun activities for the kids' at their schools, special treats for the kids, and park outings are the big thing. It's a pretty neat celebration. We started off the morning with some donations of toys for everybody at the house.

Our kindergartener had a big day at school, too. She dressed up and had all sorts of fun activities at school.

Then the real fun began...we took alllllllll of our kids from all 3 houses to a big park was wild. We had all sorts of games, snacks, and fun.

Since the triplets came along, we might have been an infant seat this happy camper got to hang out in a bath tub...! She def didn't mind. HA

Let the games begin.
Team Green coaches - Elena and I got to team up to put this day together - which was SO fun. She's kind of incredible.

Happy representatives from Team Blue

Team Green ready to rock

Woooo! Waiter relay

And the crowd goes wild

Dress-up relay

Foot race...woooo! Boys' heat

The girls' turn

This picture makes me laugh a lot. This 2 year old might have wanted to participate but just started the race a bit late, like after everyone had already crossed the finish line.

Best sports ever...the tia group that worked on Friday.

Twin #1

Twin # 2....just happy to be here.

We celebrated some birthdays of the week while we were at the park, too.

He turned the big 2!

...and he turned 3. Annnnd enjoyed his cake a lot.

The trips turned 2 months old on Friday, too! Jen, Elena, and I with our respective triplets...yes...we each have our own that we claim!

Happy 2 months, girlies! They weigh in at about 6 lbs right now.

Had a special visitor from Santa Cruz.. Lauren!
Look how we've grown:

When they got here:

2 months

So, overall, big fan of Dia del Nino right here. :)