Sunday, May 30, 2010

Crib Time

Naptime here in the Baby Home can be pretty hit-or-miss...there are days when we don't hear a sound until it's time to wake everybody up, and then there are days when the kids just have too much to chatter about (or too many toys to throw at each other) to even close their eyes! As you can imagine, with 25 or so babies, it's not the easiest to get everybody quiet EVER, but even when they're not snoozing on schedule, we've still got some pretty happy kiddos:

And sometimes, they do fall asleep! :)


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Coming and Going...

On Wednesday we said goodbyes to one little girl, and this morning in came another! (With almost exactly the same name, ha!)
This little girl isn´t exactly brand new to us, though. In fact, she´s lived with Casa de Amor since she was a baby. However, since she was about a year old she has lived in House 3, which is a home to children with special needs. This little girl has been diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and also is hearing impaired. She also loves climbing on things and giving hugs! She has lived with the Alseth family for most of her life. You can read about her rough start here on our director´s blog -

Until very recently, House 3 has been run by a missionary family by the US - home to 8 Bolivian children as well as their 4 and run in a family setting. However, the Alseth´s are in the process of adopting 3 of their children whose paperwork is available. Consequently, the courts have ordered that for the best bonding of these 3 children with the family, it´s best if the other children who were living with them moved out. Thus, we have this 2 and a half year old at the Baby Home! I can´t imagine how rough it would be to move away from the only family you can remember, but she has had a pretty good first day here.

climbing around outside

playing with her toys from home

´´helping´´ me bake a birthday cake

Ready for bed! She was a little teary as she got into her new crib, but is sleeping soundly as I type!

She´s Outta Here!

This baby went home to her family yesterday! Fortunately, they live in town, so we hope to see lots of this little girls as she grows up!
Here´s a pretty special video of her first day home that her family put together:

Some fave pics over the past year:

We´ll definitely miss her here but are so happy for her family!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays!

Feliz Cumpleanos!

This week is a little bit Birthday-Crazy here at Casa de Amor! We are in full-out party mode here as we celebrate the birthdays of kids and staff alike. 

First, we had a party for our identical twin TWO year old boys! 
Their sweet mom comes to visit once a week, and they will actually head back to live with her here in the next few months. How special that this fam was able to celebrate together!

Ready to sing!

Party Guests :)

Jello is the ultimate party hit here!

Yesterday, we celebrated with this THREE year old sweetheart!

The fun began at church...our church here celebrates birthdays of the congregation during the middle of the service each week! :)

Sidenote - here's a glimpse into our pre-church preparation for the group of 9 who went this week! Sunday mornings are a little mad but a lot of fun!

The twins came with us this week, which was a little bit questionable, as they probably don't win a gold star for behavior points on a day-to-day basis! However, they were pretty great on Sunday...a little intimated by so many people at first, I think, but nothing a little cookie couldn't help settle!

Loving song time...and that cookie.

After church, the incredible Mauge...Or Tia Muah-Hay as Brayon would say, had us alllll over to her house for the birthday fiesta.

Pizza party...birthday girl stuffing her face!

Cake time!

Some of the rest of the gang

Wild man - just for you, Page.

Birthday girl's big sister!

The twins were the life of the party, clearly.


We love you, B!

We'll get more party pics from the rest of the week up later!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's a Tough Life

This is one of my favorite favorites....a precious 2 year old with so much personality - hilarious. However, recently she had a very sorrowful evening...

The other night, another baby who is sick got to take medicine. Can you believe it, though? We would not give this healthy 2 year old any medicine! Life is so unfair.
Try not to feel too sorry for the little drama queen! :)

We are just getting over a round of sicknesses here at the Baby Home...I've lost track of how many times I've gotten vomited on, but thankfully, everyone's finally on the mend! Wahoooo!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Funday

I love Sundays - they are never boring, that´s for sure! Just thought I´d put up some recent pics of our kids out at church and lunch. For a while, I was referred to as BlancaNieve (Snow White,) by the other tias, because I would leave with 7 dwarves each Sunday. Now, most weeks, I have more than 7 dwarves with me...which means more entertainment (and maybe a little more insanity) for everybody! Wouldn´t give up these days for anything though!

Our oldest boys

Loading up the ´´Auto Graaaande´´

Out to lunch with friends!

Last week, taking out Mr. About to Be Adopted with his dress-alike twin, Tio Mateo

Lunch time!

Nothing but smiles all around? ...

...Of course not.
haaaaaaaa - this could be a heartwrenching photo if he wasnt just devastated that we wouldn´t let him drink the ENTIRE pitcher of juice by himself. Tragic.

Who wants to eat when you can look at turtles?!

Let´s end with a story. See these five lovely children just enjoying a Sunday stroll together? How precious you might think. We thought so, too...hence, the photos. Well, maaaaybe we should have put the camera down and listened to the grandma yelling at us about 3 feet away. We didn´t hear her, and seconds after this picture, we had 5 kids falling into fresh cement. Including one who fell face first flat on his stomach into the wet concrete. Any guesses which one?


We got him cleaned up, but not before being completely judged by the grandma who officially thinks we are mentals. Taking those pictures while our kids ruin her new driveway. Happpppy Sunday!