Sunday, February 28, 2010

John & Kate Wannabe's

For the multitude of people who read this blog andddd Nanny Diaries...(so, probably Page...and mom...) you're not seeing double...
On an episode of John & Kate Plus Eight, (don't judge me,) they made homemade playdough out of peanutbutter, honey, and milk. Supernanny here,, decided to try it out for herself (OR for the 2 year old she takes care of.) I hadn't remembered it, and it looked like fun, so this weekend we had lots of fun sculpting masterpieces out of our playdough.

such focus :)

Making a whole set of kitchen pots

These 2 are just about the same age and are good buddies, (most of the time!)

Of course, at the end all of the day's work ended up in 7 tummies!

Friday, February 26, 2010

My Little Helpers

With bunches of babies living all together, there's always work to be done around the house...good thing we've got plenty of happy helpers!

Dish Duty

Feeding Babies (this is an old pic!)

Hanging Laundry...
...yes, he was very helpful.

Setting up potty-chairs

...and plenty of "office assistants!"

No wonder at the end of the day, everything somehow gets done!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Girls' Day Out

Yesterday afternoon we had some giggly girl time with our 4 big girls at the Baby Home!
Our oldest 4 range in age from 2 1/2 - 5 years old. They are such a fun group and caring for them is totally different from caring from our babies at House 1. It was a treat to get to go out together.

Our first stop? The 3 younger girls have been asking to go to see our kindergartener's school, so it was high time! They came with me to pick her up and loved seeing her classroom and meeting her profesora.

Giving a little classroom tour...we just had to show the younger girls the puzzles!
Taking it all in :)

Next stop? A picnic in the park...downtown in the Plaza Principal

Picnic-ing...we WERE sitting in the grass...until the sprinkler system all of a sudden came on soaking us and sending 4 little girls squealing around the plaza!

We fed the birds, too. For the record, I think that this is completely feeding rats with wings...but thanks to one of the four who really gets excited about all animals, I gave in...easily.

These 2 below are sisters! They have quite the history, and if you're interested, you can check out a little post from the CDA website about when they arrived about 2 years ago:

This sweetheart has been my little project over the past few months.

I try to go out of the home with kids as often as possible, as it's so important for them to be socialized. I'll never forget the first time I planned on leaving with this 2 year old during my first week or two here...she flipped out.
We were going to church, and as soon as she figured out that I was talking about leaving the house, she began screaming and sobbing. I didn't know then that she has always had tremendous fears of change..especially leaving the house for any reason. Wellllll...obviously we had to do something about that! One of the other tias who this little girl adores and I have been taking her out in slow increments...first just walking to the corner to buy a popsicle...then walking a little bit further...then taking a taxi steps. And little by little we saw progress...instead of screaming when we mentioned leaving, she didn't scream until we got to the gate, for example, ha! I am finally happy to report that she can now head out of the house with a smile on her face, and that smile stays put wherever we take her! She's definitely timid, but I am just thrilled that we can get her out now. We have lots to see! :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just another Sunday

Just thought you should see a picture of our oh-so-holy 1-year olds getting really into saying the blessing this week before snack time! Normally, they are in their high chairs to eat, so when we tell them to bow their heads, they kind of lean forward onto the tray of their high chairs. At snack time on the floor this week, they decided to really get into position for saying grace! :)

Really focused, yeah? :)

Here's a pic of some of the gang that I take to church every Sunday - always a little crazy/a good time!

Can't wait to get outside of the gates!
Sidenote - this 2 year old boy is not the best at staying seated during the church service. The kids at our church all sit in little chairs in the front of the sanctuary, and I sit a row or two back. This punk tends to play with his chair a lot, and today in the middle of hymns, he was screaming. I was luckily sitting right behind him, because, what do you know...he got his head stuck in the arm rest of his chair. Everybody that knows him at church was just dying laughing...maybe myself included! (He sat nicely in his chair for the rest of the service!)

Happy Sunday!


Since January 1st, 2010, the streets of Cochabamba have turned dangerous. People are driving in the heat with their windows rolled up, people are walking a little more briskly whenever they have somewhere to go by foot, and people are constantly on the look out for passerby's who look remotely suspicious. It's just far too common these days to brush shoulders with people armed with HUGE weapons, and civilians are being targeted around the clock.
There have been reports of armed civilians on buses...

...and even child soldiers walking the streets.

Yep...there's a BIG water war in Cochabamba...and we call it "Carnaval!"

Carnaval might be the most ridiculous celebration I've ever experienced. It's similar to Mardi Gras in the US but bigger. Carnaval was technically this past Monday-Tuesday, withe big parades and parties over the weekend until Fat Tuesday, but the biggest part of Carnaval in Bolivia is the water wars. At the beginning of the new year, people bust out the water balloons, and they don't stop throwing them until...well, I actually have no idea. They're still throwing them! Literally anywhere you're walking throughout January and February, you have a really good chance of getting wet. (Especially if you don't exactly look Bolivian!) Water balloons are sold on every corner for basically nothing, already filled and ready to hit victims, as are cans of foam to spray. Yesterday was Cochabamba's biggest day of celebration with a huge parade, lots of bands, and of course, more than enough agua. The main prado was absolutely packed with people soaked with water and foam!

Innocent little Cholita woman? I think not. You can see her green tub - that baby was filled with balloons that she was chucking over the wall!

At language school, we MAY have had a little water war ourselves...outside, inside, name it, it was wet.

Arming ourselves

Oh the fun of having a 2 story school!


Dr. Spears may have been targeted. Maybe she just got in the line of fire. Who's to say?

Sidenote - Lauren moved to Santa Cruz this weekend! We miss you, girl!

Back to business...over the weekend we had a lot of fun playing with water at House 1, too. I was under the impression we were going to have a little water balloon toss. Well, that lasted about 3 minutes...before our group of tias busted out the BATHTUBS full of water to drench ourselves with! This guy may have gotten so excited about the water war that he forgot his clothes??

By the end of the day, we were a little chilly but I can't think of a day when I've laughed so much!

Yesterday I took out a little boy for ice cream, and we landed ourselves in the middle of the parades. He wanted to see where the music was coming from and loved watching the bands.

He also mayyy have gotten to play with a can of foam...but not to worry, he had enough fun spraying it on trees to even think about spraying other people.

Just a little bit more water play before calling it a day...throwing rocks into the canal right outside of our house.

We ended by drying off and celebrating with a bag of m&m's!